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New Job Wishes

One of the greatest gifts to humanity is hope. Life is tough and full of challenges, but a life with good wishes is even tougher and that’s the reason a philosopher said that tough people outlast tough situations. Best wishes and encouragement are antidotes to challenges, so wish someone good luck in his search for a new job and say big congratulations to someone who’s recently employed.

New Job Wishes

I know nothing, but I know you can get your well-paid hallowed dream job. Keep your head high and never lose hope. If you are searching, I say Good luck; remember that the difference between success and failure is persistence. And if you are lucky enough to have got a new job, Congratulations; it may not have been luck, but your hard work and persistence that earned you this great job. It’s difficult to get the job, but even more difficult is to keep it. Good luck, remember to show you are better than those who would have been employed.

Are you already in job, happy to know you are successful and I wish you all the best in your rewarding career and make sure that your co-workers always say: O’ great, working with you was bliss.

If you are searching, be determined, strong-willed and surely you will smile home soon with good news of a good job and when you find, may you find satisfaction, success and contentment with your new job.

Luck comes in wishing others well. Say or text your loved ones one of the lucky new job messages below.

New Job Wishes

  • Good things make the heart lively and cheerful; I proclaim that your new job will be sun to your sunflower, making it blossom and its yellow petals and edible seed will make you famous and wealthy. Congratulations for your new job.
  • You left your previous job with pain, but your company lost a great asset―you; with your new job, you have opportunity to impact your new firm with your skill and value. You are a discovery, go, work and blossom.
  • A great employee is like diamond among stones, may you shine forth like a true diamond and use the sparkle of your skill to explore and uplift your destiny. Congratulations.
  • In this your new job, remember you did choose your job; and not your job, you. You may be lucky for the new job; but your company is luckier for hiring you. Congratulations.
  • Good things await great people. Your hallowed new office is nothing but a sign of your kindness. Be good and greater things will come to you. Congratulations.
  • A new appointment, a new job means additional income with its amazing treats and grace. I wish you more power in your new job. Congratulations.
  • A new job should always be better than old ones. As you sit on your office seat of creative decision while your assistant takes the calls, I wish you greater favor in your firm.
  • Your new job is a hit. Your job and you―kind and loving, are both hard to come by; May this good position take you to greater key decision-making seat in your firm. Congratulations.
  • Your new job is not by mere destiny, you chose your destiny with hard work and dedication, I wish you exciting job experience and may you grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Be a good employee in your new job no matter your position. Keep your boss happy and your firm growing and watch your own growth bring smiles; be the go-getter and a mover in your firm. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations for your new job, avoid being a procrastinator, increase growth; exceed your company’s expectation and take your new job as a mission. Congratulations.
  • Usual jobs come to those who never give up in their search. Incredible jobs come to those who work hard, come rain or shine. May the zeal and perseverance that brought you this new job take you to greater height.Hats off.
  • Workaholics like you do not need to be wished good luck because good luck finds you wherever you go. Remember your new job is not a creativity outlet but an opportunity to shape your future and destiny. Congratulations.
  • You have taken an easy path by quitting your old job and quitting the irritation of overbearing boss and annoying co-workers. Remember that you may have irritating co-workers and grumpy boss at your new firm. The hard path is proving that you are reliable and sociable. Congratulations.
  • Two great moments in life are mostly celebrated: new beginnings and happy endings; cheers to gracious end of your old job and a hopeful beginning of your new job. Heartiest Congratulations.